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Home Forums Midi Songs All the zips have been uploaded - 7th March 2009
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 Subject :All the zips have been uploaded - 7th March 2009..
Joined: 2009-02-26 23:45:46
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Location: London UK

Dear All

As of today I have uploaded all the zips by year, and by extension, although I note that several midi files have escaped into some of the kar zips. Now we have a very nice search engine on this site but sadly it cannot see into a zip. However, it will tell you whether the single midi file you're looking for is here.

There are 7001 kars and 8661 midi files as of now and the effort involved in uploading 15662 files one by one is more that I am prepared to do. However enthusiasts can download this lot in no time at all, never mind the bandwirth, and conduct a search on your own machines. I do hope this will be acceptable for now.

I have it in mind to upload the 3662 ragtime files one by one over the coming weeks but I do ask that you bear with me on this one too as I'd rather be creating them than sending 'em up.

Thank you all for your patience so far

 Love and warm regards

James :-) 7th March 2009

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