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 Subject :Ministry of Pensions Extracts..
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Ministry of Pensions Extracts

It's an old one, but don't ask me where from...

1. I cannot get sick pay, I have six children, can you tell me
why this is?

2. This is my eigth child, what are you going to do about it?

3. Mrs. R. has no clothes. Has not had any for a year. The
clergy have been visiting her.

4. In reply to your letter, I have already cohabited with your
officers, so far without result.

5. I am glad to say that my husband who was reported missing is
now dead.

6. Sir, I am forwarding my marriage certificate and two children,
one of them is a mistake as you will see.

7. Unless I get my husband's money, I shall be forced to live an
immortal life.

8. I am writing these lines for Mrs. J. who cannot write herself,
she expects to be confined next week and can do with it.

9. I am sending my marriage certificate, and six children. I have
had seven and one died, which was baptised on half a sheet of
notepaper by the Rev. Thomas.

10. Please find out if my husband is dead as the man I am now living
with won't eat anything until he is certain.

11. In answer to your letter, I have given birth to a boy weighing
10lbs. Is this satlsfactory?

12. You have changed my boy into a girl, will this make any difference?

13. Please forward my money at once, as I have fallen into errors
with my landlord.

14. I have no children as my husband is a bus driver and works all
day and night.

15. In accordance with your instructions, I have given birth to
twins in the enclosed envelope.

16. I want money quick as you can send it. I have been in bed with
the doctor for a week and he doesn't seem to be doing me any good.
If things will not improve I have to get another doctor.

17. Milk is wanted for the baby and the father is unable to supply it.

18. Re. your dental enquiry, the teeth on top are all right but the
ones in my bottom are hurting terribly.

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